The Secret of Our Success: "Team Spirit"

We as, OYAK Maritime and Port Management INC., are an institution that gives importance to the language of "Us", does not avoid taking responsibility for the interests of the company, takes initiative if it is necessary, believes in continuous improvement, has a proactive communication power, adopts transparency and mutual communication, and has a corporate culture dominated by respect, love and honesty among employees and managers. The biggest secret of the success demonstrated OYAK Maritime and Port Management INC. that is growing step by step every day is that its organization structure has adopted team spirit with all the steps.

Global Perspective

We meet the targets in all of our ports where we are offering services with our increasing capacity with safe and fast solutions.

As OYAK Maritime and Port Management INC. we see our ports as a gate opening to the world, and in this context, we set up our services in a strategic perspective, taking into consideration sectoral and academic studies, without compromising on quality, in line with changing needs globally.

Since the success of the service policy dominated by national values is also reflected in our economic growth in the same parallelism, our company, with whom he companies proving their successes on a global scale do not refrain from cooperating with, will continue to serve both locally and globally with its wide business networks by successfully representing its own sector and our country.