Your Plans Are Our Aims,

Your Aims Are Our Mission.

Quality Policy

It is to ensure customer satisfaction by carrying out all our operations in targeted quality, at the planned time, within the foreseeable budget without errors.

In line with this principle;

We aim to be a leader in our sector by using the right method, equipment and workforce in our activities in order to enable the employees of our organization to work in a team spirit and to instill the awareness that they themselves affect the quality at all levels of the operations carried out.

In line with our aim;

  • We are committed to providing reliable operational services based on customer focus and leadership elements that meet customer expectations by using emerging and up-to-date technologies with the organization's vision, mission and effectiveness of the Integrated Management System;
  • Identifying preventive and improving approaches that will improve our performance by reviewing our business processes through the self-evaluation process;
  • Increasing the efficiency of all our processes to a level that can compete at the international level in line with the continuous improvement approach;
  • Developing competencies that will increase customer satisfaction and contribute to the development of Integrated Management Systems by selecting, evaluating, hiring and continuously training employees capable of meeting customer requirements;
  • Complying with legal legislation and other liability requirements in all our activities;
  • Encouraging innovative and creative approaches, promoting leadership, and carrying out trainings to increase technical and behavioural competencies;
  • Carrying out studies that will improve our capabilities in order to be a leading and exemplary organization in terms of quality in our sector by managing all our activities in an integrated manner together with Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management Systems.

Quality Policy

HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Policy

As an organization, we direct our work in order to minimize the environmental impacts caused by all our activities and to contribute to the protection of the environment and to create a healthy and safe working environment based on the concept of "sustainable development".

We systematically improve ourselves to ensure healthy and safe working conditions by detecting the environmental impacts, occupational accident and occupational disease risks that may result from our activities in advance, minimizing the possibilities and effectively reducing these risks with the participation of our employees.

In line with this aim;

  • We are committed to complying with all legal legislation and other obligations related to Occupational Health Safety and Environment within our sector,
  • Creating, implementing and continuously improving Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management Systems,
  • Ensuring as much recovery as possible by reducing waste resulted from our organization at the source,
  • Maximizing the efficiency of our organization by following the developing technologies,
  • Minimizing natural resource use as a result of our continuous improvement efforts,
  • Raising awareness of occupational health safety and environment issues for all our employees and all individuals and companies who we are affiliated with,
  • Establishing and continuously improving the Integrated Management System that prevents all occupational accidents, occupational diseases, environmental damages and inconveniences,
  • Monitoring our organizational objectives with regular audits by creating measurable performance indicators,
  • Creating a supportive organizational culture that requires visible leadership and clear responsibility,
  • Spreading the awareness that all employees can achieve the specified objectives with their safe behaviour and contributions by communicating effectively with our stakeholders.

HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Policy