Dear Stakeholders and OYAK Maritime and Port Management INC. Family,

OYAK Maritime and Port Management INC. was established on the date of 25/10/2016 and has been offering services in the field of maritime and port management with a customer-oriented perspective in Turkey since the date it was founded.
Our Company's long-term goal and dream is to become one of the top ten maritime and port management companies in the world in the future.
When we set this goal, we are aware of the responsibility that this goal has encumbered on us. First, we are planning to be Turkey's leading company in the port operations and shipping agency services in order to accomplish this goal in the shortest time. In addition, we want to develop the maritime services more effectively and improve these services by using creative ideas.
The determination and spirit of cooperation of our valuable personnel, the importance we attach to occupational health and safety, the synergy that we have created together with we will work together with our partners, our subcontractors and domestic and foreign companies that we work with will enable us to approach this goal.
The basic principle of our company is to create healthy, safe and environmentally responsible working conditions, to use the company resources in a rational manner and to comply with the existing laws and international regulations while performing aforementioned activities.
As OYAK Maritime and Port Management INC., we would like to thank all of our stakeholders who have added value to our company everyday, guided us with their expectations, and to all of our employees who have played a part in the growth of our company with their strong efforts.


Automotive Logistics Group President

Chairman of the Board of OYAK Maritime and Port Management INC.