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Customer Lighting Text for the Protection and Processing of Personal Data


OYAK Maritime and Port Management INC. (“Company “) aims to process the personal data of real person customers in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Data Law Act No. 6698 (“ PPD Law ”) and other legislations. Your personal data, which we provide to our Company as a real person customer of our Company, and / or obtained by any means external to our Company, shall be referred to as “Data Officer “ by our Company.

  • In the context of the purpose of processing your personal data and in connection with this purpose, in a limited and measured manner,
  • By maintaining the accuracy and the most current form of personal data,
  • We declare that it will be saved, stored, retained, re-arranged, shared with institutions authorized to request such personal data by law, and that it will be transferred to domestic and foreign third parties ,classified and otherwise processed in accordance with the PPD Law and may be subject to other transactions as described in the KVK law.

It is adopted that the activities carried out by OYAK Maritime and port Management INC. with its Lighting Text shall be maintained and developed in accordance with the principles set forth in the Law on PPD.

Collection and Procedure of Personal Data of Real Person Customers

Our company will process your personal data for the purposes specified in this Lighting Text. If there is any change in the purpose of processing your personal data, you will be granted additional permission.

The personal data of customers ,collected and used by our company ,are in particular:

Content of Personal Data
Identity Data: Name-surname, T.C. identity number, Tax Identification Number, nationality, mother Name - Father name, birth place, birth date, gender, including the wisdom of the driver's license, birth certificate with documents such as the signature/paraf information.
Communication Data: Telephone number, fax, address information, Country, City, e-mail address, etc.
Other Datas: Information such as commission rate information on virman instruction form, securities code, trade registry number, tax office, transaction type, activity subject
Physical Space Security Data: Personal data about the records and documents taken during the entrance to the physical space, during the stay in the physical space, camera records, fingerprint records and security Points, etc.

Your personal data, both before and after the establishment of the contractual relationship, and after the establishment of the contractual relationship with the Company and the third persons, obtained from public institutions and organizations for the reasons stipulated in the law, and all kinds of information through documents, physical or electronic media for reasons stated in the law and through the cameras we place in the company buildings.

Personal Data Processing Purposes and Legal Reasons

Your Personal Data may be processed by our Company for, but not limited to, the following purposes.

For the purpose of establishment and performance of the contract, in particular;

  • Registration of company interviews,
  • Keeping contact information of the interviewees,
  • Price quotations

Your personal data will be retained for a reasonable period of time until the expiry of its intended purpose or, possibly, for statutory limitation periods.