Dear Stakeholders,

Dear Employees of OYAK Maritime and Port Management INC.

Our company entered into the sector in port management, shipping agency services and maritime operation in 25/10/2016 with 100% participation of OYAK, which has made significant contributions to our country's economy, investments and savings and it was founded in 2017 by merging UNYE, ISDEMIR, ERDEMIR, ASLAN Cement Harbor operations and operational processes under one roof. Since the foundation of our Company, we, as OYAK Maritime and Port Management INC., have aimed to be an international company with the motto of "Your Plans Are Our Goals and Your Goals Are Our Mission" and we have taken another important step to strengthen our current structure rapidly and consistently in the national and international arena by means of establishing OYAK NYK Ro-Ro Port Management INC. with NYK (Nippon Yusen Kaisha) which is one of the most long-established and largest shipping companies in the world on the date of 05/04/2018 with the confidence that we have felt from the power of our country's economy.
As OYAK Maritime and Port Management INC., we aim to grow with an increasing momentum in all port operations, shipping agencies and maritime services in the short term and to be among the top ten companies globally in our sector in the long term by keeping the satisfaction of our stakeholders and employees at the highest level without compromising our mission, vision and values.
Given that the vast majority of cargo transfer today is carried out via maritime transport and that it constitutes the source of communication, intercultural interaction and therefore international law because of its nature, we wish to add sustainable value to our stakeholders in accordance with the principles of OYAK brand by realizing our ports, which have a strategic location, shipping agents and new investments with modern, innovative, competitive and customer-oriented port approach in accordance with national and international quality standards.
Our priority is to identify and eliminate risks within the scope of "Occupational Health and Safety" at all locations where our company operates for which we aim to be a model and pioneer in its sector, to offer all our services in accordance with the environmental and quality legislation and to ensure the safety of our employees and the Vessels and cargo entrusted to our Company by our esteemed stakeholders that constitute an integral part of the OYAK culture by creating a safe and healthy working environment.
I would like to reiterate my belief that we will try our best in order to create an exemplary model in the sector that is safe, sustainable and creates value-added altogether as being aware of our duties and responsibilities in this journey that we have embarked as OYAK Maritime and Port Management INC. family and I would like to emphasize that our esteemed stakeholders are also an integral part of this journey and our company's culture.
I would like to express my gratitude to our esteemed founder and managers for all the contributions and the sacrifices they have made so that our company could take its rightful place in national and international arena by adhering to the targets, our values and the OYAK culture that we have put in consistently to exceed the expectations and I would like to thank all our employees for their dedication and efforts.
Fair Winds and Following Seas


General Manager